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Stone Placement Policy
Permit Required:

A stone placement permit must be obtained prior to the installation of all grave stones and benches in Fairview Cemetery.

Time of Notice For Permits:

Requests for staking stone placement permits shall be received 24 hours prior to the planned installation. The time of notice is when all required information for the permit is submitted to the Town Clerk's Office.

Stone Placement:

All stones are to be appropriately centered and installed flush with the outside line of the two (2) foot space at either the head or foot of a grave, as illustrated on the Grave Decoration/Memorial Area map, and shall not horizontally encroach into any area surrounding the grave space(s) on which the stone is placed. Foot stones must be flat.

Special Note:

No gravestones or lot corner markers shall be installed within cemetery spaces that have not been paid for in full. 

All stones must be set between the hours of 7am and 3pm, Monday through Friday, excluding all Town holidays. 

Removal and Resetting of Head and Foot Stones:

This will be the responsibility of the party authorizing the interment. The Town Clerk’s Office will notify the responsible party of the need to remove a stone prior to opening the grave.

Stone Permit Requirements:

  • The length of the foundation shall be the same as the length of the stone; the width of the foundation shall be the same as the width of the stone.
  • All foundations must be poured using wet-mix concrete, or equivalent.
  • The depth of all foundations to be constructed on disturbed soil (over an interment) should be that which is necessary to allow the bottom of the footing to rest on the top of the vault but at least 18 inches;
  • All stone foundations shall be a minimum of eighteen inches (18”).
  • All excavated material from the installation of a stone shall be removed from the cemetery or disposed of in the rear of the cemetery where the Town places excess material.
  • Prior to setting base and die of stone, the foundation must be inspected by Public Works.