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Interment Policy
An interment permit is required prior to burials being made.

Time of Notice for Interments:

Notice must be given to the Town Clerk’s Office at least 24 hours prior to the time of interment. The time of notice is the time all information required for a permit is submitted to the Town Clerk’s Office. Notice during non-working hours shall be considered to be 8am on the next regular working day. If opening and/or closing of a grave involves work on Saturday, the Saturday fee will apply. Notice of a Saturday interment shall not be later than 12pm Friday preceding.

Interments Not Permitted:

Interments will not be made nor will burial permits be issued on any holiday observed by the Town.

Time of Interment:

Time of interment is to be between 9am and 2pm. Time of interment is the time of arrival at the graveside.


Arrangements and activities for disinterments must adhere to the Time of Notice for Interments, Interments Not Permitted, and Time of Interment policies above.

Grave Liners:

Concrete boxes, concrete grave liners, or equal shall be required for all burials in Fairview Cemetery, except those burials processed under the Indigent Interment Policy.

Cremation Interment:

A cremation interment will be permitted only when a cremation urn or sealed container of similar design and quality is used. Town employees are not permitted to handle urns.

Double Depth Interments:

If a lot owner or responsible party wishes to use a grave space for a double-depth interment, Town forces will mechanically open the grave to a depth of seven feet on the shallowest end only if it is in an area that can accommodate grave-opening equipment at the time of need. If said conditions limit the town’s ability to open the grave for a double-depth interment at the time of need or if the lot owner wishes to have the grave opened at a depth greater than seven feet, it will be the lot owner’s responsibility to obtain an interment permit and hire an independent contractor who must meet all OSHA requirements. Town staff will make the ultimate decision on whether or not a double-depth interment can be allowed in a particular cemetery lot.
Turf Top Interments:

Turf top crypts are not permitted for interments.

Note: All possible attempts will be made to adhere to the interment policy. However, should inclement weather, rock outcroppings or heavy concentrations of large roots delay progress, some adjustment will have to be made to the interment time.

The Town Manager or his designee has the authority to vary the interment policy if practical and feasible and it does not create an extraordinary impact on scheduled activities or personnel and equipment requirements.