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Decorations Policy
Removal of Floral Decorations:

Cemetery personnel are authorized to remove or reposition any floral arrangements placed in Fairview Cemetery which they determine are deteriorated, unsightly, hazardous, prohibited or that interfere with the performance of maintenance or grave opening activities. 

Regulations on Grave Decorations:

The placement of items on graves other than flowers on the day of interment must be contained in the designated area at the top or bottom edge of a grave and in line with the other stones in the lot and is subject to the following conditions: 

Floral Arrangements:

Only two floral arrangements may be placed on a grave at one time. These should be securely anchored or in a non-breakable vase or container. Floral arrangements that attach to stones are recommended and allowed all year. Glass vases or containers are strictly prohibited. If flowers are blown away, cemetery personnel are not required to return them to the correct grave nor will owners be compensated for damaged or lost decorations. No floral arrangements are allowed within the mowing aisles. 

Decorative Items:

Fencing, borders, wood chips, decorative rocks, breakable objects of any kind, and similar commemorative items are not permitted on graves at any time. These and other hazardous objects will be removed by cemetery personnel whenever found on a grave. 


One bench will be allowed per grave space and is only permitted at the foot of the grave in line with other stones in that lot.

Lights & Statues:

No more than two light fixtures and/or two statues per grave space. The item(s) must be securely anchored and in line with other stones in that lot. 


Patriotic flags will be allowed and are to be no larger than 3’ x 5’ and must be affixed or in line with other stones in the lot and on an appropriately sized pole sufficient to support the flag. Garden, commercial and advertising flags are prohibited. (This policy applies to those American flags and poles installed after June 11, 2002 and will require permission from the Town Manager prior to installation.)

Other Decorations:

All other decorative items not listed above are prohibited unless specific, written permission has been obtained from the Town Manager.

Spring and Fall Cleanups are conducted in March and October of each year, and all ground-mounted floral arrangements are cleared from graves. Families wishing to retain items should remove them prior to the second Sundays in March and October.