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Town Attorney
Legal Advice

MartinCrimThe Office of the Town Attorney provides legal advice and representation to the Mayor, Town Council, Town Manager, and other town officials and employees on a broad range of issues and prosecutes violations of the Town Code.

The Town Attorney is appointed by and reports to the Mayor and Town Council.  The office mission is to advance the interests of the Town through its laws and legal instruments and to reduce the risk of legal liability through advanced planning and prevention.

Citizen Advice

The Town Attorney’s Office does not provide legal advice to private citizens.  The Town Attorney’s Office only represents the Town of Culpeper, its authorities, boards, and commissions, officials, and employees on matters of public business. 

The Town Attorney is not permitted to make referrals of private attorneys to citizens.

Criminal violations of the Town Code are prosecuted by the Culpeper County Commonwealth's Attorney.

Legal FAQs

legal_booksThe Town Attorney does not provide legal advice to private citizens and is not permitted to make referrals of citizens to private legal counsel.

Consumer complaints and landlord-tenant matters:
Persons having consumer complaints or inquires about landlord-tenant relations should contact the Attorney General of Virginia's Consumer Protection Office in Richmond; toll free at 1.800.552.9963. 

Legal Advice and representation in civil matters (paid):
Referrals for legal assistance concerning private or personal matters may be obtained from the Virginia State Bar Lawyers Referral Service. Call toll free at 1.800.552.7977.

Criminal Prosecution:
The Culpeper Commonwealth's Attorney Office prosecutes all violations for state law occurring within the boundaries of the Town of Culpeper. For information or inquires about matters handled by the Commonwealth's Attorney, please call 540.727.3441.