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Reserve Officers
Police Reserves are assigned to Special Operations, under the direct supervision of the Reserve supervisor and the Deputy Chief of Police.

Reserves are unpaid citizen volunteers who, at the time of their appointment, are residents of, or employed within, the Tow or Count of Culpeper. Reserves may work together as teams; however, if two reserves are not available then the Reserve officer will work with another full-time sworn officer. Reserve officers have full law enforcement authority.

There is no rank structure within the Reserve Unit; however, this does not preclude the Reserve Unit supervisor from appointing specific job assignments based on job knowledge or expertise in a certain field. All reserves will be considered equal in rank.

Reserve Officers

Reserve officers are unpaid volunteers who are full trained, DCJS-certified police officers and have arrest powers under the Code of Virginia.

The primary role of Reserve Police is to supplement the Operations Division, but may support other divisions as well. The Reserve supervisor and/or coordinator will make all duty assignments, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting security surveys
  • Conducting safety seat inspections
  • Crime prevention and traffic safety public education programs
  • SMART cart deployment
  • Rendering support services during special events, natural disasters, floods, snowstorms, searches for missing person or evidence, and other unusual occurrences
  • Providing assistance at DUI checkpoints
  • Assisting in administrative and investigative duties where a uniformed presence is desired, such as assisting with canvassing of neighborhoods
  • Assisting in the removal of abandoned vehicles

Reserves may work as teams upon the recommendation of the Reserve Supervisor or Coordinator. When this occurs, the on-duty supervisor will assign the Reserve team to an assignment during their tour of duty.


All reserves will be required to work an average of eight (8) hours per month, or at least 24 hours per quarter, and no less than 96 hours per calendar year. Minimum duty time requirement is to ensure updated training and performance compatibility between Reserves and members of the Department. Reserves are deemed on-duty only when they have marked on with the Communications Center, and have been assigned by the on-duty supervisor. Generally, time spent commuting to and from assignments is not considered duty time.

Reserves will not take any action that is contrary to, or interferes with, the duties of members of the department.

Reserves are intended to supplement sworn members in a support capacity but not to replace full-time members.

Reserves may operate police vehicles only if they are on-duty, posses valid operator's license, and have completed the requisite training.

Reserves will be issued a firearm after completion of the qualifications course at the department's range.

Reserves will be issued all equipment that is issued to sworn, full-time officers.