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Equipment and Training
lidarThe Department provides officers with all equipment necessary to perform their duties. The Department currently has an assigned patrol car program for officers who live in Culpeper.
The Department also proves all necessary training to new officers and additional training to officers that come to the department with state certification. The department also promotes extra law enforcement training for all officers.

The Department utilizes a variety of items to assist us in the performance of its duties. The following are just some of the items in use now.

Tools of the Trade:


The LIDAR is a speed and distance measurement device to determine the speed of vehicles on the road. The device bounces a laser off of the targeted car and registers its speed. The instrument is vehicle specific. The LIDAR can also be used to take measurements at an accident scene or crime scene.

In-Car Cameras

The Department utilizes in-car DVD recording systems to record traffic stops, and many other situations. All patrol vehicles have a camera installed in it.


The Patrol Divisions uses a marked Ford Police Interceptor as its primary vehicle. The cars are equipped radar systems and a variety of equipment in the trunk. The Investigations Section currently uses unmarked vehicles as its mean of transporting their equipment.


The Department uses the police prepped Harley-Davidson motorcycle for traffic enforcement. The motors are equipped with fixed radar units, and the officers carry both the LIDAR and handheld radar units for speed enforcement.


The K-9 Unit provides line support to members of the Department with highly mobile, specially trained police service K-9's. The K-0's are trained in searching for items or people to quickly facilitate their location. K-0's provide safety for the officers and improved crime detection and prevention. The K-9 Unit also has drug detection capability. The use of trained K-9's in drug detection is widely recognized by both state and federal courts.

Parking Ticket Computer

The parking enforcement officers for the Department uses a portable computer-based Palm PDA. The computer is capable of tracking and recording ticket/vehicle information. The portable computer also has a portable ticket printer connected to it that issues the tickets. The PDA links to a desktop computer all ticket/vehicle information is loaded into the computer where it can be tracked and analyzed.