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Culpeper Historic District

The Culpeper Historic District was established in 1982 and comprises approximately 50 acres in downtown Culpeper. The Historic District was established to:

  • Recognize areas having substantial historic resources which ought to be preserved or retained for future generations
  • Provide protection to those areas as to encourage the restoration and retention of historic structures therein
  • Provide an attractive and beautiful area which will complement the historic buildings and be appropriate for the Town’s center

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In addition to the Culpeper Historic District, the Culpeper National Register District was established and added to the National Register of Historic places in 1987 in coordination with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. The National Register District comprises approximately 37 acres of the Culpeper Historic District.

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Modifications to the exterior of a structure within the Historic District are required to be brought before the Town of Culpeper Architectural Review Board for approval. If exterior modifications to a structure in the district are proposed, the property owner must complete and submit an application for a “Certificate of Finding of Architectural Compatibility,” which provides a description of the proposed modification.

Interior alterations, alterations not visible from public right-of-way, signs, and exterior structure color do not require Architectural Review Board approval unless a proposed sign or structure deviate from the approved Historic Color Chart for the district. 

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