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Underground Precautions
Underground Power Lines Out of Sight Out of Mind!

Do not get a false sense of safety! Just because you do not see the power lines, it doesn't mean they are not there!

With warm weather comes outdoor projects and home improvements. When you get ready to build that deck or plant that summer garden, remember that there are many different utility lines underground, all of which can be harmful. Electric lines give you no warning.

So if you are planning a project that requires disturbing the earth in any way, call Miss Utility first!

IT'S THE LAW! Underground utility lines are buried throughout Virginia - even in your backyard.

Calling Miss Utility before you dig will save you time and money, maybe even your life. This is a free service, so before you start that outdoor project, call 48 hours in advance. The number to call Miss Utility of Virginia is 811 or 1-800-552-7001. For further information visit their website at