Safety Tips
safetyTravel Tips

  1. Leave any unnecessary valuables at home, if our have to take valuable items with our try to lock them in the hotel's safe when not needed.
  2. When ever possible avoid traveling alone.
  3. When traveling by car stay with main roads, avoid shortcuts.
  4. Be conscious of what is happening around you.
  5. Never accept gifts or packages from unknown parties.
  6. Do no carry all your money in your wallet. Use a money belt, neck wallet, or place money and credit cards in a front pocket.
  7. Contact credit card companies before leaving. Companies monitor charges and if they do not know that you maybe be spending in a different location your card may be deactivated. This is the company's way of protecting the cardholder, if a card is stolen and used irregularly.
  8. If you use travelers checks carry a photocopy of the checks with you, but separate from the checks. Also have the phone number for the checks available if they are stolen.
  9. Carry information pertaining to any medical or health issues that you have should an emergency arise.
  10. Be aware of any local laws or regulations in the area you are traveling.