Neighborhood Watch
NeighborhoodWatchSignOne of the things the Culpeper Police Department prides itself on is its interaction with the community. There are many ways the agency interacts with citizens. One of the most proactive is through the Neighborhood Watch Program. There are several areas in the town that have, with the assistance of the Culpeper Police Department, formed watch groups.

Below is a list of established neighborhood watches. Within this list, you may find the area of town in which you reside and, with the information provided, be able to contact the Neighborhood Watch Liaison Officer of the group so that our may become involved.

Additionally, if there is not currently a watch group in your area and you are interested in forming one, viewing what exist in other areas maybe be of assistance. The Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Lieutenant Jeff Dodson, (540) 829-5526 can answer any further questions you may have.

What is Neighborhood Watch?

The National Neighborhood Watch is a program sponsored by the National Sheriff's Association and supported by local law enforcement agencies to reduce crime and to make America's neighborhoods safer.

What is the purpose of Neighborhood Watch?

The purpose of Neighborhood Watch is to make you aware of the steps you can take to make your home more secure against crime, to show you how you and your neighbors can help each other protect your entire neighborhood, and to make law enforcement agencies more effective in the fight against crime through your involvement and participation.

The Program

A Neighborhood Watch project is the logical first step for any community organizing against crime. It requires minimal effort and gets people talking to and caring about one another. It can be the catalyst for efforts such as safe homes, citizen patrols, emergency preparedness, and similar programs.
Law enforcement officers cannot significantly impact crimes of opportunity, such as residential burglary and vandalism, without help from the citizens. By taking steps to protect their persons, homes, and property, watching over that of their neighbors and reporting suspicious and criminal activity, citizens can help their law enforcement agencies effectively reduce neighborhood crimes. This is what Neighborhood Watch is all about.

Several neighborhoods have established watch groups within the town. To see if you neighborhood currently has an organized group, please see our My Neighborhood section.

For information on starting a Neighborhood Watch group in your area, please contact the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Lieutenant Andrew Terrill (540) 829-5521. Please visit the below links to find out more information concerning neighborhood watch programs.

(My Neighborhood Section LINK)

Culpeper's Neighborhood Watch Areas with names of Officer's and contact information for the areas include:

District Reporting Officer Contact Phone
Belle Court Officer J. Bahl (540) 727-3430 x. 5571
Belle Parc Officer Schoelwer (540) 727-3430 x. 5589
Culpeper Colonade Master Police Officer (MPO) M. Grant (540) 727-3430 x. 5575
Culpeper Commons Detective S. Sumey (540) 727-3430 x. 5523
Depot District Master Police Officer (MPO) M. Grant (540) 727-3430 x. 5575
Dog HIll Officer J. Bahl (540) 727-3430 x. 5571
Franklin Meadows Officer E. Grant (540) 727-3430 x. 5576
Garr Avenue Lieutenant A. Banks (540) 727-3430 x. 5566
Highpoint Office D. Cole (540) 727-3430 x. 5570
Highview Court Officer T. Caruso (540) 727-3430 x. 5593
Lakeview Officer Smith/Satterfield (540) 727-3430
Madison Grove Officer Garcia (540) 727-3430
Meadowbrook Shopping Center Master Police Officer (MPO) T. Sisk (540) 829-5517
Meadows Officer D. McNeill (540) 727-3430 x. 5579
Pelham's Reach Master Police Officer (MPO) T. Sisk (540) 829-5517
Picadilly Circus Detective M. O'Neill (540) 829-5537
South East Street Lieutenant A. Cooper 540) 829-5526
Stone Chase Officer McNabb (540) 727-3430 x. 5591
South West Lieutenant A. Cooper (540) 829-5525
Southridge Detective B. Jenkins (540) 727-3430 x. 5536
Westbrooke Sergeant N. McGuckin 540) 829-5526
Willow Shade Sergeant A. Berry (540) 727-3430 x. 5590
Downtown Business Watch Officer J. Sadler/Officer Adair (540) 727-3430 x. 5583
Dominion Square Business Watch Master Police Officer (MPO) J. Barone (540) 727-3430 x. 5567