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Get ready for some family fun!

5K Walk-Run 8:30AM-9:45AM Culpeper Freedom 5K Culpeper Baptist Church
(loops around Yowell Meadow Park & returns to church)
youth kayak 10:00AM-2:00PM Children's Kayaking Yowell Meadow Park
2022CARSHOWFlyer - Copy (2) 10:00AM-3:00PM FREEDOM Car & Bike Show Downtown East Davis Street
MCpep-logo - Copy (2) 10:00AM-4:00PM Museum of Culpeper History 113 S. Commerce Street
    YMP-vendor - Copy 11:00AM-8:00PM Food and Craft Vendors Yowell Meadow Park
patriotic  1:00PM-2:00PM        Patriotic Demonstration  Yowell Meadow Park - 
Charters of Freedom Monument
ympark - Copy 1:00PM-7:30 PM Moonbounces, Rock Wall & Fellows Hayrides Yowell Meadow Park
      Mo - Copy   4:30PM-4:50 PM 5:30-6:00 PM
Musical Performance from MO SAFREN
Yowell Meadow Park
KIAYA - Copy 5:00PM-5:20 PM Musical Performance from KIAYA Yowell Meadow Park
BAILEY - Copy 5:30PM-6:00 PM Musical Performance from BAILEY HAYES Yowell Meadow Park
ENYA - Copy 6:10PM-6:40 PM Musical Performance from ENYA ANGERHOLM Yowell Meadow Park
Tanner - Copy (2) 6:50PM-7:30 PM Musical Performance from TANNER CARLTON Yowell Meadow Park
fireworks  9:15PM Fireworks Rockwater Park
(Closed to Public)
**Cannot be viewed from Yowell Meadow Park**