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There are approximately 57,000 of us who have chosen to make Culpeper County our home. We live, play, work, eat, shop and go to school here. Those of us who own a home or car, pay Culpeper County and/or Town property taxes. Those of us who have businesses pay Culpeper County and/or Town business license fees and taxes.

But there is one tax we all pay that does not always come back to Culpeper. Did you know that of the 5.3% Virginia State sales tax collected, (5.3 cents on the dollar), one cent is returned to the county in which it was collected? And approximately another penny is returned to that county’s school system?

What does that mean to Culpeper?

We would like to increase the amounts returned locally by inviting every Culpeper resident to think about where they spend their money. Many of us commute out of Culpeper and tend to spend in other communities, perhaps for convenience or variety. But next time, think about the sales tax you are depositing in some other county’s general fund and school system. It may be a little inconvenient, and you may not be able to find everything you need in Culpeper, but where you can, we encourage you to Be a Culpeper Local and spend here to benefit our local economy.